14 July 2024 – Sermon Discussion Questions

14 July 2024 – Sermon Discussion Questions

Posted on 9 Jul 2024


For Personal Reflection or Group Discussion

  1. The highway of holiness brings rejuvenation. What do you find bland and dry in your spiritual life? How can you rejuvenate in Christ?

  2. What is your story? What is your song? Reflect on your journey in Christ. What are the testimonies that God has poured forth in your life to give a glimpse of His everlasting joy and gladness?

  3. Faithfulness and fruitfulness. How are you keeping faithful and bearing fruit for God? How can we help one another to grow in our faithfulness and fruitfulness in Christ?


Preacher: Ms. Chern Siang Ling
Series: Band Together in Holiness
Topic: The Highway of Holiness
Verses: Isaiah 35: 1 – 10