Oikos 2022 Reflections

Oikos 2022 Reflections

Posted on 27 Jun 2022

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“Happy to see people wholeheartedly volunteer to serve God in this event. It was eye opening to see the diverse mission fields and the sacrificial work of our missionaries. I was reminded of my Sunday school times when we sang songs with actions. It brought back the child in me. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and active participation during the discussion sessions. Also, I found BE Wee’s talk deep and thought provoking.”

Firoza Arul Mahesh, Oikos Youth Participant

“As a new member of KKMC, I had a very memorable experience of a church camp with Oikos. Big thanks to the spirit-led work and energy of the organising committee as well as the volunteers. I particularly enjoyed the mission booths, that showcased the amazing work done by KKMC to help fulfil the Great Commission. I pray that our inspirational missionaries will continue to be strong and courageous, and not be afraid or discouraged as God will be with them wherever they go (Joshua 1:9).”

Lyndon Heng, Oikos Participant

“Oikos was my first ever church camp. As a believer who is new to the faith, the camp was really useful, particularly the talks by Amos and Jennifer and BE Dr Wee, on equipping ourselves to have the ability and willingness to have worldview discussions with others. It was also great to mingle and meet with other church members who each have been given their own personal stories to encourage one another to grow in faith. God’s presence was with us throughout the church camp and I strongly encourage all newly confirmed members to attend future camps!”

Joanne Khoo, Oikos Participant

“It’s a great joy to be part of a well-organised Oikos children’s programme with a good team spirit. I learned a lot from God’s Olympic team and that helped me reflect on my commitment, focus, balance, strength, and endurance for God. The program encouraged me to shine for Jesus. I also enjoyed working together in the missions stall to depict our culture and prayer needs. Each stall was designed uniquely and took us to the mission field. From the bottom of my heart, I thank God for being a part of Oikos.”

Lily Leo, Children’s Programme and Tamil Missionary Stall Volunteer

“The days leading up to Oikos were nerve wrecking. I had many what ifs. After all, it was my first church camp in many years, and it was my first time leading a group and being a panellist.

But thanks be to God that He showed up and revealed Himself to me in many ways. God taught me that it’s the willingness to put yourself up to be vulnerable and to be used by Him, whether be it to share the Christian message to those around me or to agree to leading a group and being a panellist. Trust me, it’s easy to just take the backseat. I pray that God willing, may His will be done in my life and yours too!”

Jerusha Lee, Guest Panellist

“I felt a lovely bonding with the entire church family. The theme spoke loud and clear on our mission “Dare to Care” that each of us should be undertaking in society. It was a great moment to see the different mission fields and their culture. The Tamil ministry’s stall organisers enjoyed the fellowship of working together as a team. It brought out the unique talents of many of our members in the floral decorations, traditional game played during the event, and mission’s presentations. We give all the Glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!”

William Moses, Tamil Missionary Stall Volunteer

“Oikos was a very meaningful experience for me, as it was heartwarming to be part of a dedicated organising committee and serving God alongside a spirit-led team. Most importantly, I finally got to know more church members as I was in charge of the groupings. I pray that our church will indeed continue to live out the great commission as a community!”

– Sherwin Lee, Oikos Camp Committee Member