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Volunteer Groups for JoyStall

Volunteer Groups for JoyStall

Posted on 17 Apr 2023

On Sunday mornings after the 8am and 10am English Worship Services in the Social Hall, L1, JoyStall provides light meals in exchange for a free will offering. Volunteer groups run the JoyStall and all proceeds go to Project 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes.

FAQ for Volunteer Groups

1. How many servings do we need to prepare?
About 60 to 70 food servings are recommended. Beverages, disposable cutlery (plates, forks and spoons) and a tablecloth will be provided by the church.

2. Can we purchase food for JoyStall instead of preparing home cooked meals?
Yes, you can purchase food. Please submit your receipts along with your payment claim voucher to the Church Office.

3. How many people do we need in a JoyStall volunteer group?
Our current JoyStall volunteer groups have a minimum of three persons. You can sign up with your family, friends or LifeGroup.

Volunteer for JoyStall

If you are interested in serving at JoyStall, please form a group of at least three persons and nominate a group leader. Only the group leader is required to register.

For rostering purposes, please indicate which weeks your volunteer group would be available to serve. The Church Office will send the roster to the group leader.

For any other enquiries, please contact the Church Office.