Get to know Moms’ LifeGroup

Get to know Moms’ LifeGroup

Posted on 30 Jul 2023

“Hi KKMC! We’re Moms’ LifeGroup!”

Moms’ LifeGroup started eight years ago in 2015.

It was actually because of the Dads’ LifeGroup, that our families got to know one another better, and the moms decided to start a LifeGroup too.

We meet in church on alternate Sundays to study God’s Word, pray, and simply share about our joys, challenges and struggles that we face as daughters, mothers, wives and employees at our homes and workplaces.

One of our special memories as a LifeGroup was going on a three-day mission trip to a Creative Access Country in 2018.

Over there, we distributed bibles, shared the Gospel and hosted a Singapore-themed mini carnival.

Although it was an intense three days, we also made time to enjoy the delicacies and shopping there!

“I joined Moms’ LifeGroup seeking support and connection while navigating the challenges of raising my kids. Within this space, I found acceptance and lifelong friendships. The LifeGroup’s non-judgmental environment allowed me to openly share my fears and uncertainties, while insightful discussions and activities nurtured my growth. The LifeGroup has been a transformative experience for me, providing strength in unity on this journey of motherhood. ”

– Katherine, Moms’ LifeGroup

LifeGroup Ministry invites all KKMC members and worshippers to be part of a LifeGroup. “LifeGroup” – also known as cell group, care group, or small group in other churches – is a small group of worshippers who meet regularly to pray, worship, study the Bible and fellowship. We have many LifeGroups to suit different stages of life and ages. To join a LifeGroup, or start one of your own, please sign up at