From the Librarian’s Shelf: Books by featured author – Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon

From the Librarian’s Shelf: Books by featured author – Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon

Posted on 24 Mar 2023

In addition to being a former Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore, Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon is also a prolific writer of Christian books. The church librarians have selected 5 books written by Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon that will help in your walk with God.

1. Enduring Word: The Authority and Reliability of the Bible

The Bible is the most important book in the world because it is God’s Word. But its authority and reliability have been questioned by some. The Enduring Word sheds light on these questions by demystifying issues such as the canon, biblical manuscripts, textual variations, base texts and Bible translation. Discover how the Bible was written thousands of years ago, compiled to form the Bible as we now know it and preserved till today. Be enlightened about the Word of God and be inspired to read it seriously and obey it wholly.

2. The Sermon Of Jesus

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) has historically occupied a prominent place in Christian teaching, though it tends to be neglected in the modern church. In this book, Dr Robert Solomon presents a fresh exposition of the Sermon that helps to recover its importance. Through this Sermon Jesus introduces the principles, priorities and patterns of life in His kingdom that challenge the unreliable and deceptive ways of the world and expose the weaknesses in the church. This is no ordinary Preacher, and no ordinary sermon. Jesus urges listeners to make clear and lasting decisions as He invites them to live under His rule in His kingdom.

3. Trinity and the Christian Life: Sound Doctrine for Faithful Discipleship

For many Christians, the Trinity is just a puzzling historical doctrine, and nothing more than that. Why did the early church struggle so hard to ensure that the doctrine was carefully stated in its creeds? What does the Bible say about the Trinity? Why is the Trinity the central doctrine of the church, on which depends much of proper Christian thought and experience, including our salvation, worship, prayer, relationships, unity and mission? We will examine these questions and come away more aware of the necessity for all Christians to believe in the Trinity, and, more importantly, to live the Trinitarian life.

4. Prayer of Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer in Daily Life

The Prayer that Jesus taught His disciples has had a significant role in the worship, thought and life of the historical church. It is important that Christians revisit this Prayer and rediscover its riches and power to transform them. This book draws from the rich history of this Prayer and explores its depths by examining each petition and clause in the Prayer in the illuminating light of biblical teaching and the perspective of the mind of Christ. The purpose is not only to foster deeper understanding but also to encourage a deeper allegiance to Jesus and a close union with Him in prayer, service and witness.

5. Following Jesus in a Fallen World

At the heart of Christian discipleship is the call to follow Jesus. This book examines in depth what is involved in following Jesus in a sinful and dysfunctional world by exploring 13 key spiritual disciplines. Designed to help the reader to think more deeply and live more faithfully, this insightful and soul-nourishing book will strengthen your faith, encourage you in moments of despair and inspire you to live for God.

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