Dear Aunty/Uncle, how are you? KKMC Young Adults send messages of care to senior church members

Dear Aunty/Uncle, how are you? KKMC Young Adults send messages of care to senior church members

Posted on 24 Sep 2020

Set of 7 cards designed by Amelia, using water colours.

In a time where most of our connection with church has been brought online, the KKMC Young Adults chose to use snail mail instead to show care to some of our senior members in church.

It all started in early July when Siang Ling, KKMC Lay Executive Staff, shared an idea with the Young Adults Working Group: “Wouldn’t it be nice if the young adults at KKMC could write a physical note of encouragement to some senior members who have not been able to attend church due to COVID-19?”

And thus, the YA KKares card writing activity was born, where cards with handwritten words of encouragement were sent to KKMC’s senior members aged 70 and above, many of whom are homebound. This was a divinely inspired idea – the Young Adults Working Group had been thinking of ways to encourage young adults to care beyond their immediate community, and the senior members were a group where connecting online has been difficult.

Amelia, a member of the Young Adults Working Group, quickly got her creative juices flowing. Within days, she designed a set of cards inspired by encouraging Bible verses.

Meanwhile, Siang Ling liaised with the church office to provide us with the names of the KKMC seniors that the young adults would write to. With the help of two other young adults Daryn and Rachael, a Google Form was set up for young adults to type their messages for the seniors. We then began to rally the young adults to participate, such as through the Young Adult LifeGroups – some wrote messages together as a Lifegroup activity!

For a more personal touch, a small team then gathered at church over two Sunday afternoons to handwrite the young adults’ messages for each senior; each card was also accompanied by a small note from Pastor Kenneth Huang .

Both card and note were then mailed to the seniors with the kind help of the church office staff.

The cards were well received by the seniors; we received messages from seniors who shared their appreciation for the small gesture. One of the KKMC seniors, Molly, shared with us that the card was a timely encouragement to her: she had just had a fall and was feeling rather downcast, but the kind message from the card lifted her spirits.

This activity has also introduced the young adults to the many seniors in our church whom we had never met – we look forward to meeting and greeting them in person once it is possible to do so. We are also reminded of God’s call for us to love one another: this can start from simple, thoughtful gestures that remind others of how much they are loved by God and the church! As Everi, one of the young adults, put it best: We are now better able to see the big picture of the church as a diverse community, with members who can care authentically for one another.

For prayer

A sizeable number of our senior church members are homebound and unable to attend physical church services due to COVID-19. Pray that God continues to keep seniors connected to Him daily.