Christmas Letter 2023

Christmas Letter 2023

Posted on 26 Dec 2023

11 December 2023

Dear Members and Friends of the KKMC Family, 


We wish you God’s grace and peace!

This year, the church worked towards the goal of “Together We Grow + Serve”. One initiative that contributed significantly to this goal is Project Five Loaves & Two Fishes (P5L2F). By the grace of God, the church stepped up in faith in December 2021 and distributed free groceries to the community in Little India. Little did we know that the response would be so overwhelming that P5L2F would become a regular feature in our church activities. Every two months, residents and foreign workers would form long queues to collect groceries. In giving we also receive, and the church has been blessed with unity across our ministries as we serve the community together.

We are familiar with the bible story where Jesus fed a crowd of five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fishes until they were satisfied, and still had ample leftovers. We are grateful to God that our baskets are full of leftovers from Jesus’ blessings on us, so that as a church, we have been able to bless the community with 6,000 sets of groceries thus far. As a result of our giving, the volunteers at the Seniors Corner have had the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with the residents and many people have signed up for the Alpha course. We have begun to see the fruits of our labour, and many have accepted the Lord.

The passage from John 6:51 reminds us of the end goal of social work like P5L2F. Humanly, we get caught up with bread for the body, focusing on the gift instead of the Giver. Jesus Christ, however, points us to the importance of the bread of life. In the same chapter of the gospel of John, after feeding the five thousand, Jesus revealed that “I am the living bread that came down from heaven.”

This is the reason Jesus came down from heaven. This is the reason for the season of Christmas. Christmas was the divine moment when Jesus came down to deliver Himself as a sacrifice so that we may have the Living Bread that will sustain us for eternity. This is the message of Christmas we would like to share with our pre-believing relatives, friends, colleagues and the community in Little India. This year, we will break away from our traditional Christmas celebrations at KKMC. Instead, we will focus on outreach in this season of giving. There will be two Christmas Outreach Services during which we will present a skit telling the Christmas message of the Living Bread.

Christmas and Watchnight Service times (Outreach Services in green):

Sunday, 24 December, 10am – Christmas Eve Service with Infant and Child Baptism

Sunday, 24 December, 10pm – Christmas Eve Outreach Service: Carols by Candlelight (No livestream)

Monday, 25 December, 10am – Christmas at the Kampong: An Outreach Service with our Community (No livestream)

Sunday, 31 December, 10am – New Year’s Eve Service

Sunday, 31 December, 10.30pm – Watchnight Service

For the livestream links, Christmas and Watchnight Services in Chinese or Tamil, please visit

Please keep the Christmas season in prayer. As the Lord leads, bring your pre-believer friends to the outreach service. Come and help to pack the groceries for the community or serve as an usher. Give generously to the project as we continue to be a blessing to the community in Little India.

In the letter sent to our members, we have enclosed a Christmas Envelope for your Christmas Day Offering (by cheque only). You may mail it to the Church office or drop it into the offering bags or boxes in the Sanctuary. You can also give your offerings via Internet Banking or PayNow – please visit our church website at for details.

Our Church Leaders, Pastoral Team members, Church Office Staff and our families wish everyone a Blessed Christmas 2023 and a Happy New Year 2024.

Thank you and God Bless you all!

Rev Tay Kay Leong, Pastor-in-Charge          

Rev Anthony Phua, Pastor