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Everyday Evangelism

Everyday Evangelism

Posted on 22 Aug 2023

Come and join us at the KKMC Seniors Fellowship’s Workshop on Everyday Evangelism!

Some of us believers may think of evangelism as something that is done only by qualified people, in special ways, times and places. However, since the early church, evangelism has been the responsibility of every believer. It was carried out in many ways in various places and on all occasions! The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 clearly outlines the call to share the Gospel as our responsibility to the Lord and the people who are lost

Apostle Paul asked, “how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?” Personal evangelism should be our way of life and not something that comes and goes.

This short course is biblical and stays true to the model of evangelism set forth in the Bible through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is practical with stories and suggestions which believers can pick up, adapt and find helpful in introducing Christ in everyday situations. It is natural because the witnessing affirmed here is not forced or stereotyped. It is natural, flowing out of the reality of God in our personalities and daily lives. 

We are delighted to have Rev Irene Thung lead the workshop!

About the speaker:
Rev Irene Thung is an ordained minister of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS). Irene enjoyed a rewarding career for over twenty years as a lecturer and entrepreneur in the building industry before responding to God’s call. Prior to becoming a Methodist pastor, Irene has served in an independent church for five years. After serving many years as a local church pastor, she served as the Director of TRAC Seniors Ministry for several years before fully retiring at end of 2022. Irene loves worship, preaching and teaching the Word of God to empower the believers to live for God. Irene is married to Khoon Seng, and they are blessed with three daughters and three grandchildren.

Come and join us!

Date: Saturday, 30 September 2023
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Venue: KKMC Social Hall, L1

Registration is closed.