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YA KKonnect: This Hallelujah Banquet

YA KKonnect: This Hallelujah Banquet

Posted on 16 Jul 2022

At YA KKonnect, the KKMC young adults (ages 19 to 35 years old) will be looking at Eugene Peterson’s book “This Hallelujah Banquet”, which discusses the letters of Christ to the seven churches in the book of Revelation.

Why, why, why? More often than not, we find ourselves uncertain about the future and facing life’s many challenges.

Yet it is in the midst of testing that God sets a table. Much like in His messages to the seven early churches in the book of Revelation, He invites us to discard our fears and old ways, and feast on His promises.

Join us as we reflect on these messages, and examine how we can begin our walk anew with Christ. With God, every ending has a new beginning — hallelujah!

Title: This Hallelujah Banquet (How the End of What We Were Reveals Who We Can Be)
Dates: Saturdays, 2 Jul, 13 Aug, 10 Sep, 1 Oct 2022 (4 sessions)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: The Unfailing Light

Registration is closed.