Season of Kingdomtide

Season of Kingdomtide

Posted on 29 Aug 2021

The season of Kingdomtide begins on 29 August and ends on Christ the King Sunday, 21 November.

According to Luke 13:18, the Kingdom of God is like a tree. We are reminded to plant our roots deep into the heart of God’s sustaining Presence and Word. Simultaneously, we stretch out our arms in hospitality to the world.

The season of Kingdomtide is when the Church affirms that all we do in our personal, social, economic, political and religious life is under the Kingship of Jesus Christ, our Lord. During this season, we declare the values and glory of the Kingdom of God. Christ is celebrated as King and Sovereign of the world, with emphasis on God’s Dominion over all of creation. The focus in this season is often on social justice and action that flows from a heart submitted to God.

The liturgical colour is green, symbolising growth and vitality. The branch with 3 leaves in the cross is symbolic of the Trinity. The 4 red circles represent the 4 Gospels. The entire design tells us of growth, of good works and the support of God. While the Church preaches and lives according to Kingdom values, it also looks forward to the time when Christ comes in final victory and we feast at his heavenly banquet”.

Adapted from Methodist Church of Singapore website