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Prayer Retreat

Prayer Retreat

Posted on 15 Apr 2022

In the sermons we have heard over Holy Week, we have been reminded to refresh our understanding of God and our deepest motivations in our relationship with Him.

  • Is Jesus enthroned in our lives?
  • What is the highest motivation in our lives? Is it in the pursuit of the glory of God?
  • The most important process in our lives is sanctification. How are we living our lives in the practice of holiness? Are we allowing God to transform us?
  • How will we use our understanding of the unity of the Triune God to live in unity with one another and fulfill God’s mission for us to make disciples?

Join us at “Tending the Soul” a one-day retreat facilitated by Rev Irene Thung, Director, TRAC Board of Seniors Ministry. This retreat helps us to examine where our soul’s condition needs tending and how God’s active presence in our lives nourishes the soul and matures us to be more Christ-like. The retreat is designed to engage us, via a series of spiritual readings and reflection, to help us shift from being anxious about the church’s future from a functional perspective to being open and available to God’s love and longing for the people we are sent to serve.

Date: Saturday, 14 May 2022
Time: 9.30am to 4pm
Venue: On-site at KKMC (exact venue to be confirmed)

9.30am – Welcome and worship
10am – Session One: Openness for God’s Presence
11am – Session Two: Build Spiritual Exercise
12noon – Lunch
1pm – Song
1.10pm – Session Three: Experience God’s Power for Healing and Resurrection
2.10pm – Session Four: Directing Imagination John 8:2-11
3.10pm – A breather and gathering of thoughts
3.20pm – Sharing by participants
4pm – Closing prayer & benediction

Registration is closed.