Pentecost Sunday and Aldersgate Sunday

Pentecost Sunday and Aldersgate Sunday

Posted on 20 May 2021

This year, we celebrate Pentecost Sunday and Algersgate Sunday on 23 May.

This Sunday, 23 May, we celebrate our Wesleyan heritage and remember Methodism’s founder John Wesley’s experience of assurance by the Holy Spirit on 24 May 1738. It is also the start of the Pentecost season.

On 24 May 1738, the heart of John Wesley was “strangely warmed” by God, leading John to live a life empowered by the Grace of God to be a blessing to many by his preaching and teaching of God’s Word, organising of the Methodist Movement, and reaching out in practical love to all in need. May we Methodists in our day will also have our hearts warmed by God in a similar manner, so that we may be moved to be effective and fruitful as His disciples in all that we do for His Glory!

More information about Wesley’s Aldersgate experience

The season of Pentecost is the Season of the Holy Spirit as “the Lord and Giver of Life”, Counsellor and Comforter to the Church. It is also observed as the birthday of the Christian Church. The seasonal colour is red, symbolising the divine fire, fervour of faith and the blood of Christ and His martyrs. The descending dove on the altar and pulpit cloth represents the Holy Spirit.