Pastoral Letter – 19 July 2021

Pastoral Letter – 19 July 2021

Posted on 19 Jul 2021

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Dear KKMC Members and Friends

I wish you God’s grace and peace in your lives.

I am writing to inform you that at the TRAC Special Session on Saturday, 17 July, I was given approval for a one-year Sabbatical starting 1 January 2023.

This Sabbatical comes after I would have served as a Methodist pastor for 27 years, of which 11 years would be as Pastor-in-Charge (PIC) of KKMC. It will help me prepare for the next phase of my pastoral ministry.

With my Sabbatical, a new PIC for KKMC will be appointed by the TRAC President in due course.

It continues to be a real privilege given to me by God to serve as your Pastor. Do be assured that from now till the end of 2022, I will continue to serve God as best as I can and, together with you and the KKMC Pastoral Team and Church Leaders, will help KKMC be the church He wants us to be:

Faithful Disciples in Authentic Community

engaged in Loving Outreach and Bold Witness

to the Glory of God!

God Bless

Ps Kenneth