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Engaging with secular humanism: the religion of today

Engaging with secular humanism: the religion of today

Posted on 19 Sep 2022

(Jointly organised by Pastor’s Office and Witness & Evangelism Ministry.)


Many people today, particularly young adults and youths, believe in the idea that Man’s reasoning, wisdom, and philosophy are all there is and that God—if there’s even a god—is irrelevant.

As Bold Witnesses for Jesus, how do we engage with them in a meaningful way to help them examine the biblical worldview?

The session is for all who want to be further equipped to reach out to others with the truth contained in the Bible and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Speakers: Amos and Jennifer Kwok serve as KKMC missionaries today, designing bible study curriculum and running bible study classes.

Date: Saturday, 29 Oct 2022
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: KKMC Sanctuary, L1


2.00pm – Welcome, Opening Song and Prayer
2.10pm – Session 1
3.25pm – Q & A
3.45pm – Tea break
4.15pm – Session 2
5.30pm – Q & A
5.50pm – Closing Song and Benediction

Registration is closed.