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Call for Board/Card Games Donation

Call for Board/Card Games Donation

Posted on 3 Jun 2022

Board games and card games are good mediums for building community. The Youth Ministry has been organising games days during the school holidays to give youths a space to unwind, meet friends, and make new friends. To further support this initiative, we are making a call to church members and friends to donate board games and card games that you may no longer be using or are happy to part with.

We have shortlisted some games below that we would love to have in our collection. The list is non-exhaustive and we are happy to accept other games. Please contact Siangling at siangling@kkmc.com.sg before donation so that we can advise on whether the game is suitable (if it is not on the list) or if someone has already donated it.

Suggested Games:

1. Saboteur
2. Monopoly
3. Bible Taboo
4. Citadels
5. Splendour
6. Exploding Kittens
7. Unstable Unicorns
8. Twister
9. Avalon
10. Ticket to Ride
11. Jenga
12. Cluedo
13. Sushi Go
14. Throw throw burrito
15. Bonanza
16. Hotpot Havoc
17. Coup
18. Love letter
19. Codenames
20. Hanabi
21. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza